21 janvier 2013

Collections MAC à venir pour le printemps
TOUTES les informations ont été trouvé sur le site specktra.net :) !
Ca en fait beaucoup de nouvelles collections :O lesquels vous avez le plus hâte?

Archies Girls: Betty and Veronica  February 7 US

Lipstick 16.50 US/20.00 CAD
Daddys Little Girl - Mid-Tone Pink Violet (Satin)
Boyfriend Stealer - Deep Blackened Plum (Cremesheen)
Ronnie Red - Bright Red (Matte)

Lipglass 16.50 US/20.00 CAD
Mall Madness - Mid-Tone Pink Violet
Strawberry Malt - Bright Red
Feelin' So Good - Deep Blackened Plum

Spoiled Rich Eyeshadow X4 44.00 US/52.00 CAD
Ron Ron Run - Deep Navy (Satin)
Spoiled Rich - Rich Purple (Frost)
Pin-Up Purple - Mid-Tone Orchid (Frost)
Gravel - Charcoal (Matte) 

Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner 16.50 US/20.00 CAD
Designer Purple - Violet with Pearlized Pigments
Petrol Blue - Deep Navy with Pearlized Pigments

Pigment 23.00 US/27.50 CAD
Magic Spells - Blackened Teal
Black Poodle - Blackened Pink

Opulash 17.50 US/21.00 CAD
Bad Bad Black - Intense Black

Powder Blush 22.00 US/26.00 CAD
Prom Princess - Mid-Tone Violet Pink (Satin)

Pearlmatte Face Powder 29.00 US/34.00 CAD
Veronicas Blush - Silvery pink with deep pink hearts

Nail Lacquer 17.50 US/21.00 CAD
Past Curfew - Deep Berry (Cream)
Double Trouble - Deep Navy (Cream)

Lipstick 16.50 US/20.00 CAD
Betty Bright - Light Vibrant Peach (Satin)
Girl Next Door - Vivid Blue Pink (Lustre)
Oh, Oh, Oh - Sheer Brown Plum (Lustre)

Lipglass 16.50 US/20.00 CAD
Kiss & Don't Tell - Bright Coral
Summer Sweetheart - Light Peach
Stay Sweet - Light Lavender Pink

Caramel Sundae Eyeshadow X4 44.00 US/52.00 CAD
Caramel Sundae - Mid-Tone Warm Tan (Satin)
Cheryl Chic - Light Coral Pink (Frost)
Dreammaker - Pale Frosty Yellow (Frost)
Showstopper - Dark, cool-toned brown (Matte)

Pearlglide Intense Liner 16.50 US/20.00 CAD
Black Swan - Black ith gold pearlized Pigments
Lord it Up - Bronze with pearlized Pigments

Pigment 23.00 US/27.00 CAD
Lucky in Love - Shimmering Light Blue Green
Cheers My Deear - Light Lavender

Opulash 17.50 US/21.00 CAD
Optimum Black - Saturated Intense Black

Powder Blush 22.00 US/26.00 CAD
Cream Soda - Light Neutral Coral (Satin)

Pearlmatte Face Powder 29.00 US/34.00 CAD
Flatter me - Golden peach base with coral hearts

Nail Lacquer 17.50 US/21.00 CAD
Comic Cure - Bright Coral (Cream)
Pep Pep Pep - Light peach nude (Cream)

 Archie's Girls Brush Kit  49.50 US/59.50 CAD
167 SE - Face Blender Brush
168 SE - Large Angle Contour Brush
226 SE - Small Tapered Blending Brush
242 SE - Shader brush
266 SE - Small Angle Brush

Jingle Jangle Coin Purse 32.00 US/38.50 CAD
White faux patent coin purse with red piping and zipper closure

Young Hearts Mirror  25.00 US/30.00 CAD
Mirror with white faux patent slipcase

Just a Flirt Makeup Bag 38.00 US/45.00 CAD
White Faux Patent Makeup Bag

Yours Forever Tote 49.50 US/59.50 CAD
White faux patente tore with heart shaped front pocket and red piping 

YEAR OF THE SNAKE (7février seulement en ligne?)
MAC fashion focus eye shadow
Once Upon a Time ... metal vanilla color (shiny mercerized) 
Aztec Brick Frost Bronze (shiny mercerized) 
Altered State Deep Frost Blue Purple (shiny mercerized) 
Carbon rich black (matte) 
3g rmb200
MAC magical stars fine powder
Brash, & Bold bright red 
Push the Edge dark purple with pearl 
7.5g RMB210
MAC fashion the lipstick
Freckletone peach the red (Shuiyang moist) 
Plumful bloom of rosy (Addict moist) 
Cockney shiny red and yellow with a three-dimensional the pearlescent (Aqua moist) 
3g CNY170
MAC Beauty Face Powder
Shell Pearl pink ribbon golden pearl 
10g RMB320
MAC lasting waterproof eyeliner
Engraved Rich black 
Suggested Retail Price .00 US/.00 CDN 
1.2g rmb200
The MAC the lightweight fly warped mascara
Zoomblack thick black 

Mineralize Rich Lipstick March 7 (permanent?)

North America/United Kingdom/Australia/New Zealand
Mineralize Rich Lipstick 22.00 US/26.00 CAD
Style Surge - Neutral coral cream
Luxe Naturale - Light beige cream
Glamour Era - Mid-tone warm brown frost
Posh Tone - Soft warm nude cream
Lady At Play - Mid-tone cool tangerine
Lush Life - Deep cool plum
Dreaminess - Soft cool pink cream
Grande Dame - Mid-tone neutral rose cream
All Out Gorgeous - Deep warm red
Everyday Diva - True red cream
Elegant Accent - Mid-tone warm rose cream
Divine Choice - Mid-tone cool pink cream

Fashion Sets April 8

Lipstick 15.00 US/18.00 CAD
Heroine - Bright violet purple (Matte)
Ablaze - Bright apricot (Matte)
Silly - Bright pink (Matte)
Embrace Me - Bright fuchsia (Matte)

Lipglass 15.00 US/18.00 CAD
Heroine - Bright purple
Ablaze - Bright apricot
Silly - Bright pink
Embrace Me - Bright fuchsia 

Lip Pencil 15.00 US/18.00 CAD
Heroine - Bright purple
Ablaze - Bright apricot
Silly - Bright pink
Embrace Me - Vivid pinkish purple

Eye Shadow 15.00 US/18.00 CAD
Heroine - Bright cobalt blue (Matte)
Ablaze - Midtone coral (Matte)
Silly - Bright pink (Frost)
Embrace Me - Blue pink (satin)

Nail Lacquer 16.00 US/18. CAD
Heroine - Bright violet (Cream)
Ablaze - Bright orange (Cream)
Silly - Bright pink (Cream)
Embrace Me - Bright fuchsia (Cream)

Baking Beauties April 18

Lipstick 15.00 US/18.00 CAD
Rasberry Swirl - Light white blue pink (Cremesheen)
Pure Decoration - Light white peach (Cremesheen)
Lavender Whip - Light cool lavender (Cremesheen)
Devil's Food - Glossy deep plum (Frost)

Mineralize Tinted Lip Balm 19.50 US/22.50 CAD
Sweet Tooth - Creamy lilac
Baking Beauty - Creamy light peach
Glace' - Creamy pale baby blue 
Cheery Cherry - Creamy mid-tone blue pink

Pro Longwear Pain Pot 18.50 US/22.00 CAD
Fancy Frosting - Frosted white
Mooncake - Warm beige
Eclair - Light chocolate with gold pearlized pigments
Let's Skate - Pale pink with pearlized pigments
Dangerous Cuvee - Frosted cool grey

Glitter 21.00 US/25.00 CAD
Reflects Transparent Teal - Sparkling white with turqoise
Pink - Bright pink

Haute & Naughty Lash 20.00 US/23.50 CAD

Pearlmatte Face Powder 29.00 US/34.00 CAD
In For A Treat - Champagne base with matte coral flowers and mint leaves
Pink Buttercream - Light silvery pink base with dark pink flowers and periwinkle leaves

Lustre Drops 21.00 US/25.00 CAD
Pink Rebel - Blue pink with gold pearlized pigments

Nail Lacquer 16.00 US/18/00 CAD
Blue Velvet - Light periwinkle blue (Cream)
Confectionary - Light blue pink (Cream)
Pistachio Creme - Light teal mint (Cream)

In Extra Dimension April 11

All limited edition

Extra Dimension Skinfinish 30.00 US/35.00 CAD
Double Definition - Soft shimmery gold / Patina bronze
Shape The Future - Pastel pink with iridescence / Soft brick with shimmer
Definitely Defined - Silvery pink / Soft rose with shimmer

Extra Dimension Eyeshadow 21.00 US/25.00 CAD
Zestful - Pale iridescent lime
Extra Silver - True silver
Dimensional Blue - Frosty blue
Opalesse - Opalescent white with pink pearlized pigments
Triple Impact - Opalescent lavender with violet pearlized pigment
Smoky Mauve - Mid-tone mauve

Extra Dimension Blush 25.00 US/29.50 CAD
Flaming Chic - Bright blue pink
Bareness - Rosy beige pink
At Dusk - Mid-tone rose pink
Fiery Impact - Burnt red bronze
Blazing Heat - Mid-tone peach 

128 Brush 35.00 US/42.00 CAD
Split Fibre Cheek Brush 

235 Brush 31.00 US/37.50 CAD
Split Fibre All Over Eye Brush

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