7 mai 2011

Nouvelles trouvailles de photo Collection Semi Precious - MAC.

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  1. Ah ok:) merci:)
    Je n'achète pas vraiment chez MAC( c'est bizard pour une blogueuse make up mais voilà...)!
    Bref, deviens membre si tu veux être au courant de mes dernières publications :)

  2. I'm not sure that you are aware of this but the photos you used in this post by allglam are taken from other blogs and she claims that those are her own photos.. The photo from the brushes is originally from my blog.. so i would appreciate it if you would delete the photos or use the proper photos from my blog with a link back to me.

    Thank you!

  3. Hi there!
    I have a bit of a problem: allglam.com stole my pictures from this collection and put her own watermark on them. She does this a lot with other pictures too! Would you please remove the two "collages" because they are mine? Thank you! You can use my original pictures over here: http://www.snowwhiteglamour.be/index.php/persdagen-antwerpen-the-beauty/ If you credit them and don't put your watermark on them :) I'm really pissed at allglam.com and she doesn't respond to my mail. x Hanne

  4. Thank you for removing the pictures!

    Love, Evelien

  5. Thank you for changing the pictures! :) Blogger-love x

  6. AllGlam stole my photos of Chanel Graphite and Quartz too! I'm fuming. I sent them two messages. They shouldn't be allowed to keep doing this :(

    pam - www.polishpolice.com